Custom Marketing Portals

Custom Marketing “On-Demand” Portals - How it Works

Consolidate & simplify your organization's branding, collateral & direct mail across multiple locations.

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An Easy & Cost-Effective Solution to a Frustrating Challenge

These Custom Marketing On-Demand Portals combine the best of today's web-to-print and online design and editing technology with direct interactive access to the nation's premier list-building technology.

It's Web-Accessible -- Easily reachable from any web browser, you control who has access to it and who doesn't.

No New Software or Maintenance Required -- Because everything resides on our servers, you don't have to install any new software or require in-house support.

It's Template-Driven -- will work with you to build a library of fixed, versioned and variable text templates for brochures, flyers, letter packages and other materials you may want to offer for things like:

  • Sales promotions
  • Grand openings
  • Event announcements
  • New mover welcome letters
  • Anniversary and customer appreciation mailings
  • Up-sell, cross-sell and lapsed customer offers
  • Newsletters

You name it. You decide what templates to make available, who has access to them, and what they can or cannot add, delete or change on them.

Once the templates are loaded into the system, authorized users can point-and-click their way through the templates and customize them with an easy-to-use copy editing and proofing systems (within your own pre-set limits).

It's Completely Customizable -- The portal will be fully branded to your company or organization and customized to your own particular needs, processes, practices and budget.

It's Fast, Easy and Eminently Affordable -- Take a test drive yourself and see how quick and easy it is to use. As for cost, that will depend on the kind and quantity of materials you anticipate. But the idea, very simply, is to consolidate and centralize the printing and mailings at low, pre-negotiated group pricing.

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Overview | Benefits | Features | How it Works | Product Examples | Test Drive