GeoSelector™ A Picture is Worth a Thousand Names.

This easy-to-use, web-based mapping tool lets you visualize your customers and prospects with pinpoint accuracy, enabling you to select, filter and target your audience like never before, with no special training or added software needed.

The on-screen mapping tool enables you to physically draw a polygonal map of any shape around a specific geographic area by streets, zip codes, landmarks or geological features to identify, add or delete potential prospects and customers to build your mailing list.

You’ll be able to identify geographic concentrations and clusters which, when combined with those demographic attributes you deem most important, will enable you to determine the most precise list criteria and then order your mailing list online in a matter of minutes with the click of a mouse.

By combining location-based data with customer-rich information, GeoSelector:™ enables you to:

1) Define your target audience with pinpoint accuracy...

2) Get immediate and accurate mailing list counts based on your selections...

3) Link to our on-demand print and mailing web portal and complete the entire process with the click of a mouse..