GeoSelector™ Pro: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Insights.’s GeoSelector™ Pro places the combined power of enterprise-level, location-based data analytics and real-time customer-rich information at your fingertips with this easy-to-use, web-based, decision-making tool.

By enabling you to view your database’s customer concentrations as well as lifestyle and purchasing behavior characteristics, GeoSelector™ Pro enables you to instantly analyze your markets, customers and prospects, providing such decision-making intelligence as competitive landscape, current customer profiles, forecasting and modeling, greatest new customer potential and channel and messaging preferences.

GeoSelector™ Pro’s easy-to-use web interface enables you to visualize, select and manipulate your database in new and limitless ways to determine your best up-selling, cross-selling and prospecting opportunities, build your mailing list and then seamlessly link to our on-demand printing and mailing portal for a convenient, cost-effective, one-stop direct marketing solution, all without special training or an additional IT investment.

By combining your existing database with GeoSelector™ Pro’s location-based, customer-rich, data mining and modeling information and’s DirectChoice™ Consumer Masterfile, you will be able to:

1) Gain a new level of selectivity and precision in targeting prospects and engaging existing customers...

2) Get immediate and accurate mailing list counts based on your selections...

3) Link to our on-demand print and mailing web portal and complete the entire process with the click of a mouse..