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Production tips

Details, Details, Details
In writing the print specs for a direct mail campaign, try to give your bidders the most detailed information available. The estimator wants to win your job but must plan for the worst if you don’t tell all. Here’s an example: we find that many print specifications limit the ink information to numbers only, such as 2/1 or 3/3. While this is a great start, if we know that the ink colors on both sides of an item are shared, we can provide the most precise estimate and also our lowest price. The next time, try writing your ink specs as “2/1 shared colors” or “2/1 common colors” and see if it lowers your bids. Super secret tip – is one of your ink colors black? Please tell us! Black ink is on our presses almost every day and is the least expensive ink we buy because we use so much of it. If we know black ink is part of your direct mail job, you can save.

Does it matter if the letter for your direct mail campaign is 8-1/4” wide instead of 8-1/2”? Can you use an envelope that has a center window or one that is made with an off-white paper? How about pastel blue? Sometimes we end up with unusual sizes and leftovers of unused items that are of good quality but not what you thought you wanted. We want to move this inventory and the price is always right. Let us know if you are open to alternatives. These will be one-time only items but you can usually save some money and often will end up with higher quality materials for your direct mail project at a lower price.