Letterhead Printing

Should I put a teaser on my envelope?

That’s a question we hear everyday at DirectMail.com.TM And the answer to that question is easy … only if it will tease the recipient to open the envelope. In those few critical seconds that your prospect scans your envelope, your teaser copy will be a key deciding factor whether to discard it unopened, save it for future consideration or open it immediately.

All too often a mailer will add teaser copy to their envelope because they feel it needs to be there. And one of the biggest mistakes is to reveal the entire offer on the envelope. Some recent examples we’ve seen include: “Save on Your Long Distance Bills” and “Refinance Your Home Today.” These direct mailers could have just as effectively mailed a postcard, because they didn’t take advantage of the power of a letter to sell. The recipient didn’t even need to open the envelope to make a decision – or get the full sales advantage of your offer.

Remember, the objective of the teaser is to get your envelope opened, and more importantly, to get your letter read. Some powerful examples of teaser copy include: “Save 18% on Your Monthly Household Budget … Details Inside” and “Get Accepted to the College of Your Choice … Free Report Enclosed.”

Some of the most successful direct mail packages we’ve seen have no teaser copy at all! This is especially true for business-to-business offers at the executive level, as mail that is overtly recognized as advertising mail is often screened by mail-rooms and executive assistants.

Additionally, no-teaser letters often work very well in consumer direct mail offers, especially if the recipient is someone that knows your organization and you’re promoting additional services or benefits. Some examples include a financial company cross-selling products and services, or a membership organization selling additional benefits or programs. The recognition of your organization alone will get the envelope opened, while adding give-away teaser copy to your envelope will likely result in the offer being discarded unopened.

Package formats also help dictate teaser copy decisions. DirectMail.com has devised extremely successful campaigns with invitation style packages that have either no teaser copy or something like “Jane Sample, You’re personally invited …” Who can resist that?

One important rule is to never make an offer with your teaser copy that’s not delivered inside. The results are obvious.

So, should you put teaser copy on your envelope? The answer is yes, if you have followed the advice above and then test, test and test again. We recently measured a 20% increase in response to one of DirectMail.com’s client mailings, by simply adding the word FREE to their existing teaser.

DirectMail.com can help you evaluate your options when deciding on the perfect teaser (or not!) for your direct mail marketing campaign – call us today at 1-888-690-2252 or click here to see how!