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Tracking Your Direct Mail Deliveries
There are several ways to track your direct mail pieces – from the date of the mail drop to actual in-home delivery.

U.S. Monitor is a mail monitoring service used to show you if your mailing was delivered and when it arrived in the person’s home; it is also used to track your list usage for protection. Another service offered by U.S. Monitor is actual verification that your direct mail piece was sent out correctly. Names and addresses from around the United States and worldwide are used to receive direct mail pieces, date them upon receipt and send back to U.S. Monitor to record and forward to the mailer for their internal use. Rates for these services are based on the level of services you select. You can learn more about this tracking service by visiting their official website,

Planet Codes are another way of tracking direct mail pieces from mail drop to in-home and from in-home back to the mailer. Destination Planet Codes track the mail pieces from their origin through the post office, to the final distribution center which processes the mail before sending it to individual post offices. Origin Planet Codes track the mail pieces back from in-home to your operation. Each service is recorded through the USPS for a minimal fee. This is done by putting an assigned Planet Code on each mail piece, or random mail pieces, that looks like another barcode above the address area. As each piece goes through the postal system, the additional barcode is read and a report is sent back to a web address that you can access to see where your direct mail pieces are within the postal system. This allows you to know how long your mail is taking to arrive at the final destination or when your responses/payments are coming back to you.

A third tracking method is Smart Seeds. These are used for tracking mail pieces to the post office destination only. Smart Seeds are used just like Destination Planet Codes, however the address piece is only addressed to the postmaster who then records delivery to his post office. This prevents your recipient from seeing an additional barcode on your direct mail piece. can help you with suggestions on which tracking method is best for your direct mail campaign – call us today at 1-888-690-2252 or click here to see how!