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How to choose the right mailing list for your offer
It’s an axiom of the direct mail industry that the biggest factor in the success of a direct mail campaign is the list. Some say using the right list will account for as much as 80% of the success of any mailing.

So doing your homework is the logical first step in planning your direct mail campaign.

It makes sense to think about who you’re going to mail to – and invest your marketing dollars in – because knowing who you are writing to will also tell you how to phrase your message and frame your “call to action.”

If you’re like most business owners or small marketing departments, however, you probably don’t have the time to do the research – or to educate yourself on how to go about it.

Not a problem. There’s lots of help available and most importantly it’s free!

Any experienced direct mail list broker will do the list research for you at no cost. And advise you of which lists they think will perform the best for you. And, if you decide to rent one or more of the lists, will negotiate the best terms for you. All of this at no cost to you. Why? Because the list broker is paid a commission by the list owner.

You have to be a registered list broker, by the way, to qualify for the commission. So the price you would pay to a list owner if you contacted them directly is the same price you would pay through a list broker – who’s also looking out for your interests.

What questions will a good list broker ask? [click here to link to highlighted text below]

Checklist of Mailing List Research Questions
1. Where do the names on the list come from? What sources are being used to create the list?
2. How often is the list updated? And when was it last updated?
3. Are new names being added on an ongoing basis, and if so, can names be selected by recency?
4. What demographic selections are available?
5. What other mailers have used the list recently? And what kinds of offers were they making?
6. What are the terms for one-time and multiple use?
7. Are net-name arrangements available and what are they? can connect you to one of our direct mail list research specialists who will be happy to help you – again, at no cost! Call us today at 1-888-690-2252 or click here to see how!