Mosaic Personality Profiling

Mosaic profiling with GeoSelector (We know who your customers are)
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GeoSelector has already brought mapping technology to every
business in terms of visualizing geography and selecting it for
a target market area.

Now we're bringing you the latest technology in demographic
segmentation and making that process so simple, it's as easy
as looking at a photo and reading a story.

GeoSelector Personalities consists of 60 personality groups
which are assigned to every record in our national consumer
database. Each person is given a personality based on a wide
variety of demographic and geographic information compiled on
our database.

Mosaic profiling with GeoSelector
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Each personality has photo and a description showing what their demographic characteristics are. You
can browse our photo personalities directory, and see the characteristics of each one. By clicking on the
letters and numbers on the left and across the top you can navigate through all our personality types.

Also, when in the interactive map, you can draw regions on the map and then run a demographic report.
That report will tell you which is the largest personality segment within the area you chose along with a
representative photo, and the other top 4 personalities for your selection.

Within GeoSelector you can use the demographic selections screen under the "Personalities" tab to
choose only individuals with a specific personality.
     For each personality you can:
View a representative photo

Read a short description of the personality

Visualize the location of consumers with that personality on a map.

Explore the personality tree to see where a target personality fits into all other personalities.

Download a detailed PDF profile of that personality.

Go to GeoSelector to start building a list of consumers with the personality.