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Free Educational Webinars (Learn to use GeoSelector Webinar)
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Would you like to learn how to unlock the secrets of GeoSelector from the experts who designed it?
Who should attend: Small businesses, Realtors, Marketers, List brokers, or anyone who wants
to learn how GeoSelector can help them increase their ROI by acquiring new customers.
Come join us for our free "learn to use GeoSelector" webinar.
We'll show you how to:
Create selections using polygons
Create selections using the radius tool
Select demographics to fine tune your selection
Run demographic reports for your selection
Save and retrieve your order to purchase later or show to others
Experiment with switching views between road and satellite, and how
to use them in combination for the best effect.
Using advanced features such as mouse scroll wheel zoom, and
viewing live traffic
Accessing help, live support, and the videos to get assistance.
Learn to use our overlay boundary lines to view zip codes, political
data,and more!
Complete check out, and retrieve your list.
Question-and-Answer session at the end of the webinar, so you can
get answers to your questions about GeoSelector.
Free Educational Webinars
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