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4 InstaTips for Fundraising on Instagram

May 2, 2019
Author: Leigh Falkler

4 InstaTips

4 InstaTips for Fundraising on Instagram

InstaTip #1: Upgrade Your Profile: Don't use a personal social account for your nonprofit organization! It's simple to create a business account for your nonprofit.

Helpful hint: Make sure you complete all required information and include a link in your Instagram bio to a trackable landing page for your fundraiser.

Every time you post on Instagram, direct your prospects to the link in your bio where they can make a donation.

InstaTip #2: Use #hashtags, but don't use too many. Research shows that you should not use more than 10 hashtags per post.

Common fundraising hashtags: #donate, #charity, #instagood, #fundraiser, #makeadifference #fundraising #yourdonation

Make sure your hashtags are catchy and easy to share.

InstaTip #3: Take advantage of Instagram Stories. What exactly is an Instagram story:

Intagram + Snapchat = Instagram Stories

Helpful hint: Instagram stories expire after 24 hours, so make sure you choose your stories wisely. A good example of this would be sharing a story that goes with your GivingTuesday Campaign.

InstaTip #4: Always share your successes! Utilize posts throughout campaigns that show what has been raised and stories about how these donations will help others. This will allow your followers to share your successes with their networks.

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