Omni-Channel Marketing

insight utilizes this cross-channel platform to create highly personalized campaign workflows and orchestrate multiple channels like direct mail, email, social media, SMS text messaging, voice and microsites. Our team will provide the underlying strategy, creative, data management, and business logic to deploy these programs.

Key Features and Solution Overview

  • Audience development and targeting platform
  • CRM integration and manage contacts
  • Plan multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns
  • Configure media touches, timing and frequency
  • Measure campaign performance and cross channel results

Our Agency team will execute your integrated campaign by setting schedules, automate follow-up, drip, and nurture sequences using a variety of powerful mechanisms, including:

  • Triggers - Monitor a variety of events to trigger any number of Outbound Media or follow-up activities.
  • Goals - Set, track, and act on conversion points, for use in Reports and other performance measurement.
  • Scoring - Add or subtract Contact scores based on activities (Events) performed by Contacts within your marketing Program.
  • Campaign Measurement and Reporting – Ongoing campaign review, improvement opportunities and real time visual analytics.

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