Political & Advocacy

Today's political, public policy, and social advocacy landscapes are technology-enabled and charged. Not only do audiences have increased channels to receive your well-crafted messages, they also have more effective methods of ignoring them. The market is also witnessing the emergence of networked storytelling and the growing importance of real-time information.


Successfully influencing public opinion and public policy, therefore, can no longer simply rely on broadcasting messages alone, even if you're using multiple channels. DirectMail.com knows that to effectively communicate an agenda, raise an issue, propose a policy solution, solicit a donation, and mobilize a constituency; you first need accurate and timely data. Then, the raw data must be analyzed and translated into usable information that allows political strategists to personalize their message and target their outreach.

Working with DirectMail.com's Insight Engine technology for political advocacy groups, you'll be able to better understand, target, engage and mobilize your constituents.

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