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Marketing Production Automation in An Omni-Channel World

June 7, 2019
Author: Price Anderson

Marketing Production Automation

Marketing automation has rapidly changed the ways marketers acquire and engage with their customers, members and donors. While the front end of those systems and the processes used are evolving quickly, most of those systems were not developed to automate the back-end production processes.

For ongoing customer communications there must be a way to pull relevant data for ongoing trigger, re-mail and reactivation campaigns. And this data structure must be optimized for production. So, in addition to all of the required key data elements, production requires things like source codes, prior actions or activity an must include things like postal presorting and postal splits.

Regrettably, for production folks, this off-the-shelf technology does not exist. DMC was forced by customer demands to create a solution. So, the bright folks at developed our DMC-PAS (Programmatic Automation System).

DMC-PAS provides:

  • Rules based file auditing
  • Flexible file input in case of exceptions
  • Automated processing to remove potential human error
  • Human review and intervention to identify anomalies
  • Tiered programming resources to accommodate fast processing of daily files and precise changes to workflow

DMC-PAS drastically cuts down on data conversion time while minimizing human error. Further, management time is reduced by 50-75%. And the system is completely customizable. Reach out to DMC to learn how your production process can be automated to keep up in this quickly changing marketing environment

To learn more about DMC-PAS or have any questions, contact at 301-855-1700 or email us at