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What is Variable Data Printing?

April 3, 2019
Author: Leigh Falkler

Variable Data Printing

When I think of Variable Data Printing (VDP), I think of a simple equation of taking the digital world and adding it to real world analytics to increase response rates and conversions. While you may have heard of VDP, there's a good chance you still have a lot of questions. So here are our top questions and answers to give you a closer look into the inside world of VDP:

What is Variable Data Printing?

A special form of digital printing where document content is determined by entries in a record or data set and can be highly personalized. Varied text, graphics, and images are typical content elements, but layout, element positioning, and even document choice are just some of the other variables.

Why is Variable Data Printing Important?

One of the core purposes is to increase response rate and, ultimately, conversions to the desired outcome. In order to accomplish this, it is critical that the content presented is relevant and has value for the intended audience. Today, there are massive amounts of data available on customers and their behavior. Analyzing and understanding customer data is essential to maintaining a high degree of relevancy and engagement with the customer.

What is the most Important thing in Variable Data Printing?

Data, Data, Data! VDP is completely based on Data and this is where most people fall short with VDP. The Data has to be accurate to be able to successfully launch a VDP campaign. We like to tell our clients "The output is only as good as the data behind it".

Is able to help with the Data?

Yes, we have a partnership with InfoUSA the industry leader for consumer lists. We are able to take your mailing list and match hundreds of data points down to the individual consumer level. InfoUSA is currently matching 245 million consumers.

How do I get started with Variable Data Printing?

Contact at 301-855-1700 or