Press Release Offers New Industry Solution for Career Colleges and Trade Schools

New Technology Helps Clients Leverage Data to Boost Lead Generation (DMC) has launched a new solution focused on helping career colleges and trade schools improve marketing tactics and direct response strategies that have a better chance of converting prospects into students.

With increased competition for students, career colleges and trade schools are trying new marketing approaches in order to achieve better results for a smaller investment. The key driver of success for the industry in the future is to understand demographic data from top to bottom. With the advancement of new technologies, marketers are able to implement insight with targeted messaging and segmentation to drive more leads and opportunities into the sales cycle.

Key benchmarks and fast facts:

  • The first adopters of geo-technology were retail, consumer goods, franchise, automotive, and media companies. Today, many more industries are seeing results with geo-targeting to gain valuable efficiencies in the marketing process.
  • DMC can map specific boundaries for future, more targeted marketing, thus eliminating unresponsive segments and clusters.
  • By plotting demographics and travel patterns of existing students on a map, DMC helps clients focus on highpotential pockets of opportunity.

"We offer a unique solution to this marketplace," explains Mike Savage, Vice President of Marketing Solutions. "DMC has a proven track record in student recruitment having worked with several national career colleges and trade schools. In this ever changing competitive landscape, career colleges are getting more sophisticated in their use of new data and insight to drive high quality leads to the organization. We feel that our experience and Student Insight Engine can help the industry remain competitive over the next decade."

By leveraging proprietary technology like DMC’s GeoInsight, career colleges and trade schools can better understand their current students and reach out to new ones. The key is accessing specific demographic, psychographic, and geographic data because it can be used to create targeted messages that are timed and delivered for maximum results.

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