Press Release Offers the Consumer Retail Market New Data and Technology Solutions

Retail Trigger Segments Help Drive Purchasing across Digital and Direct Marketing Channels

Prince Frederick, Md. -- Oct. 8, 2013 --™ (, a recognized leader in data-driven solutions for mid-market and enterprise consumer retail brands, today announced the expansion of both its specialty solution offerings and its data assets relative to the consumer retail market. In response to the challenges that consumer retail marketers face regarding "big data" and how to better develop targeting and personalization across digital and direct marketing channels, now offers specialized technology solutions plus 70 new data elements. Together, they enable data segmentation development based specifically on the retail consumer's purchasing decision process.

Traditional retailers face rising supply costs, rents and declining store traffic. In the face of growing online retail competition, even the process of maintaining a relevant product assortment is difficult. Conversely, online businesses often lack the expertise to analyze data outside of online transactions. By leveraging insights from data, possesses the ability to not only help modern retailers better understand their customers and their buying habits, but also make "smarter offers" that lead to more sales.'s dm 360+ and Insight Engine offerings bring a new level of targeting and segmentation to the multichannel retail industry marketplace. Notably, the company's patented data engine can create a classification that accurately details a consumer's household composition, financial profile, choices, preferences and habits to better understand that individual's purchasing behaviors.

By creating unique "Retail Trigger" segments, can guide consumer retail brands to new understandings of their market area whether it be a physical store location, an online e-commerce site or both. The resultant knowledge allows marketers to connect with consumers on a more personal level and directly influence their buying decisions.

Examples of unique data elements and attributes for retailers include:

  • Online Presence: Depicts the digital footprint and buying behavior attributes.
  • Location-Based Geotargeting: Offers retail footprint and store location marketing intelligence for store-based campaign development.
  • Customer Demographic and Psychographic Profiles: Identifies typical demographic information (family makeup, discretionary income and military affiliation, etc.), as well as insights about consumers' values, attitudes and interests (green marketing, healthy living, gardening, sports, etc.).
  • Buying Behavior Triggers: Identifies triggers for retail and online buyers across 25 product categories to target more prospects, sell new products to existing clients and maximize effectiveness of each retail channel.
  • Lifestage Attributes: Addresses new movers, first-time homeowners, new parents, military households, financial portfolios, etc.
  • Retail Channel Receptivity: Helps identify which consumer groups (down to the household level) are most likely to respond to which offers and channels.
  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Targeting and Analytics: Identifies retail up- and cross-sell opportunities for various consumer groups and product portfolios.

Joe Leger, Vice President of Data and Analytics,, said, "Developing targeted, personalized messages to influence consumer buying is difficult without first understanding who the audience is and what factors motivate their behavior. Relevant data remains the single best tool for identifying industry- and consumer-specific predictive elements. is committed to identifying and offering its consumer retail customers a comprehensive and unique suite of technology and data elements so they can market smarter and create new and larger revenue streams."

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