Drill Deeper with DirectMail.com’s Data Append Technology

DirectMail.com not only helps you locate and target your ideal customers, but it also lets you learn even more about them – providing you and your business with the opportunity to better target, create, and share messages that leave a lasting impact and drive more customers to you.

With data appending solutions, DirectMail.com provides an even deeper understanding of consumers’ characteristics by overlaying additional information and insight onto your customer database. Examples of our data append elements include: lifestyle segmentation, demographics, interests, financial profiles, digital/social media platforms, channel preferences and geo location.


DirectMail.com’s Data Appending Solutions will allow you to:

  • Define unique attributes of your best and most profitable customers – and find more customers like them;
  • Anticipate likely future behaviors and buying trends of your ideal customers;
  • Identify prospective customers most likely to become loyal to your business for new growth opportunities;
  • Enhanced marketing opportunities targeted at specific audiences based on highly detailed demographic information.

With this advanced approach, you can create highly targeted marketing campaigns that will help your marketing dollars go further and improve your marketing ROI.

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