Data Analytics & Strategy

Your data can tell you everything you need to know and everything you need to do to produce effective marketing and fundraising programs.


But data is never useful in a vacuum.

By itself even the most accurate and finely detailed data is simply raw information. Translating this information into tangible ways to increase sales, or grow a donor file, or improve customer service, or predict future results and revenue can only be done by experienced and insightful data analytics experts.

Which is why you should talk to

Our Data Insight & Solutions Center team will turn your numbers into information, your information into decision-making intelligence, and your decision-making intelligence into bottom-line growth.

Our experienced team of data experts will help you:

  • Plan, develop and implement your data modeling, mining, aggregation, cleaning, analysis and reporting needs.
  • Conduct highly accurate geographic and demographic segmentation of up to 400 characteristics with our easy-to-use, proprietary GeoSelector® tool. You can plot with pinpoint accuracy all the way down to a single rooftop, and gain valuable target audience insights using profile characteristics.
  • Develop direct mail and email models and offers using our DirectChoice™ national consumer database.
  • Design and build database solutions to support even the most complex national Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) program.
  • Develop direct response segmentation and testing strategies.
  • Provide insightful program or campaign data file audits and results reports.

Everything you do hinges on your data. Don’t leave developing and managing it to chance. Leave it to and contact us today.

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