Intelligent Marketing Process

As a data-driven marketing pioneer, leverages a proven methodology call the Intelligent Marketing Process (IMP) to help you enhance your creative, target your messaging, leverage your data and ultimately build a strong and growing bottom line. Leveraging a combination of our proprietary GeoInsight solution and data assets, our analysts will help you reach your immediate and long term marketing goals.



We now live in an ultra segmented world. Gone forever are the days of mass marketing, where being more general meant gaining more market share. The shotgun is dead. Micromarketing rules.

Identifying your target audience with pinpoint accuracy, whether you are selling products, services or soliciting donors, is essential for success in today's micromarketplace.

At, we have the advanced tools and deep experience needed to help you identify your most likely prospects with finely tuned and expertly honed accuracy.


People have never been more marketing savvy than they are today. Your potential buyers or donors don't want to be addressed as a group, but as individuals.

So knowing who they are, how they think, react, and feel, what they like, what they don't like and what will most likely prompt them to respond to your offer is key to your marketing and donor communications.

At we'll arm you with all the intelligence you'll need to target the right people at the right time with the right message and the right offer to attain the right results.


Not only are first impressions important, subsequent impressions are also nearly as influential. How, when and where you contact your target audience is as important as why you're contacting them.

Effective communications isn't just about reach, it's about touch. At, we'll enable you to select the right communications channel to reach your target audience when they are most open to hearing your message and acting on your offer.


Every business or nonprofit, regardless of how excellent their product, service or mission, needs a steady supply of new customers and donors.

People stop buying or donating for a wide variety of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with you. It's simply a fact of life.

At we can help you gain new customers or donors through a finely tuned regimen of offer development and creative testing, list and channel selection, and segmentation and relational marketing strategies that will enable you to acquire the new customers or donors you need to survive and thrive.


Getting someone's attention is not the same as holding their attention. Truly effective marketing and donor communications is a combination of art and science, facts, figures and creativity, a melding of statistics and subjectivity.

At we help you get to know and understand your audience so intimately that we can then create marketing and donor communications that truly engage their eyes, minds and hearts.

And once you engage your audience's eyes, minds and hearts, their wallets soon follow.


With markets, consumer and donor confidence and the dollar continuing to constrict, the need to make the most of what you already have is a daily reality for companies and nonprofits of all sizes.

It's why customer and donor retention is now the new acquisition.

And it's why we at will help make certain all your communications are customer- and donor-centric through the insights and intelligence gained by powerful analytics, savvy marketing, branding and contact strategies and highly effective creative solutions synchronized seamlessly across all channels.

Retention isn't just about responding to your customers or donors, it's about anticipating what they'll need before they need it.

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