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Citizens Behind the Badge Selects as Fundraising Agency

Citizens Behind the Badge (CBB) has engaged (DMC), to launch this important new organization and develop a new direct marketing and fundraising campaign solution.

March 5, 2021
Washington, DC

Citizens Behind the Badge (CBB) has engaged (DMC), a leading provider of integrated marketing solutions, to develop and launch a direct marketing and fundraising campaign strategy to fund the critical efforts of this new and important organization and their mission.

The mission of Citizens Behind the Badge is to put an end to the misguided and disastrous movement to "defund the police" and to ensure that our law enforcement professionals receive the support and resources needed to keep America safe.

"By using donor intelligence, DMC will help us better understand why our donors support CBB and enable us to stand out in a hypercompetitive marketplace," says Craig W. Floyd Director, President & CEO. "It’s important that we leverage data and insight to develop our current and next generation donor solicitation strategies and ensure we are consistent with all fundraising efforts. When we saw DMC’s innovative data-driven solution and long client list, we knew they would be the best partner to help meet our goals in the coming years."

"We are thrilled to add CBB to our long list of successful fundraising clients." explains Shawn Salta, DMC’s President. "Our team is looking forward to working with CBB to build a donor engagement and direct marketing platform and process that will fund this critical organization over the long term."

In addition to ensuring consistency in fundraising and donor campaign strategy, DMC will optimize the production process and provide economies of scale to CBB. Included in the engagement are key donor intelligence and insights using proprietary data and analytics solutions and segmentation. The DMC agency team will leverage these unique solutions to help CBB improve donor targeting and overall donor campaign execution.

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