All Data Cards

A Mailing List Of Teachers At Home
AARP Members
Academic Libraries Mailing List
Accredited School Administration/Specialized & Vocational Education
Active Golfers in America
Active Magazine Readers
Adirondack Life
Advance Magazine Group (Conde Nast/Fairchild)
Advance Magazine Group Enhanced DB (Conde Nast/Fairchild)
Advance Magazine Group Enhanced Expires (Conde Nast/Fairchild)
Advance Magazine Group Lifestyles (Conde Nast/Fairchild)
African American Business Owner Network
African American Magazine Buyers
African-American College Alumni Donors
Ailments and Health Issues
All About American Schooling
Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO)
Alternative Lifestyle Seekers
AmeriBase Offers Newlyweds & Brides To Be!
America's Civil War
America's Teachers At Home
American Association Of Family and Consumer Sciences
American Association Of Physics Teachers Membership Services
American Association Of School Administrators
American Association Of School Administrators Members
American Curves
American Educational Research Association (AERA)
American Educators/Administrators & Officials
American Express Publishing Corp. Membership Clubs Masterfile
American Express Publishing Equifax Enhanced Database
American Express Publishing Membership Clubs Enhanced
American Express Publishing Multi Buyers/Subscribers
American Health & Fitness
American Immigration Control Foundation
American Immigration Control Foundation Survey Responders
American Journal Of Mathematics
American Legacy
American Library Directory
American Library Scholarship
American Magazine Subscribers
American Management Association - Seminar Attendees
American Mathematical Society Members
American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Mailing List
American Pet Classics Pet Tag Buyers
American Physical Society
American Scholar
American School & Hospital Facility
American School Board Journal
American School Health Association
American Senior Age - Active Magazine Buyers
American Speech
American Statistical Association
American Theater Arts For Youth
American Translators Association
American Wedding Album Brides To Be Requesters
American Wholesalers & Distributors Directory
Americans Interested In The Middle East
Americas Magazine
Ampere Media Postal Magazine Subscribers
Angels On Earth Active Subscribers
Annapolis Sailing School
Apical Small Business Female Business Owners
Apparel / Fashion / Beauty Interests
Archaeology Magazine Subscribers
Archaeology Odyssey
Arizona Highways Magazine
Arkansas Times
Arkansas Wildlife Magazine
Art Business News
Art Calendar - Subscribers and Expires
Art Expo New York
Art Mailing Lists
Art Market
Art Professional Database
Art, Historical and Music Libraries From MCH
ArtNow Postal List
Arts & Activities Subscribers
Arts / History / Science
Arts Administrators
Artworld Mailing Lists
As The World Turns...Subscribers To News Magazines
Associate E - Mail Program
Associated Writing Programs
Association For Career & Technical Education
Association For Childhood Education International
Association For Supervision & Curriculum Development
Association For Supervision and Curriculum Development 2005 Annual Conference Pre-Registrants
Association Of International Educators (NAFSA)
Association Of Jewish Libraries
Athletic Teachers & Coaches From QED (Quality Education Data) Educator Email Masterfile
Athletic Trainers At Home Address File From PCS
Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine
Atlanta Magazine
ATV Rider Magazine (Primedia)
August Home Publishing Change Of Address
August Home Publishing Infobase Enhancements
Automobile Owners By Make of Car
Baby Boomer Magazine Buyers
Baby Boomer Magazine Buyers
Back to School Shoppers
Backwoods Home Magazine Masterfile
Backyard Living Reiman Publications
Baltimore Magazine
Band, Cheerleading, Drill Team & Pom Pom Directors-High School & College
Bass and Walleye Boats Magazine
Baudville - Schools
Bauer Publishing Mature Subscribers Masterfile
Bauer Publishing Soap Magazine Masterfile
Belvoir Media Group Corporate Enhanced Database
BEN Arts & Entertainment Professionals Email Database
BEN Educational Services Email Database
Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine
Biblical Archaeology Society Masterfile
Bike Magazine (Primedia)
Birds, Cats, Dogs, etc.
BKLYN Magazine
Black Issues In Higher Education
Blue Collar Texans Vocational Seekers
Blue Ridge Country
Bon Appetit (Conde Nast)
Book Readers & Book Buyers
Bookspan Professional (formerly DoubleDay Select) - Early Childhood Teachers
Bookspan Professional (formerly DoubleDay Select) - Intermediate & Middle School Book Club
boundary 2
BRAD Educational Services Database
Brides To Be Masterfile - Wedding Invitations & Accessories
British Heritage (Primedia)
Broderbund Direct Teachers & Schools
Bureau Of Education & Research
Business Magazine Network Education Professionals Email List
BusinessWeek Consumer Enhanced Database
Buyer's Choice - Masterfile
Buyers At School - Teachers and Educators At School
Cambridge Development Laboratory
Canoe & Kayak Magazine (Primedia)
Cape Cod Life Publications
Car and Driver Magazine
Car Audio and Electronics Magazine (Primedia)
Car Craft Magazine (Primedia)
Cardinal Hayes Home for Children
Career Education & Voc/Tech - InfoBuyers
Career Education & Voc/Tech - InfoBuyers
CareerTrack Educational Professionals
Caring For Our Kids: Day Care Workers
Cassell Network Of Writers
Cat Fancy
Catholic Education Data Card
Catholic Magazine Subscribers
CBR: Educational Organizations Database
CDSxpress Moves - Current Events Subscribers
CDSxpress Moves - Pen & Palette Subscribers
Celebrity Hairstyles
Center For Accelerated Learning
Century Sports Network Masterfile
Charitable Donor Lists
Check Debit - Mag Buyers
Chesapeake Life Active Subscribers
Chesapeake Travel & Leisure Magazine
Chevy High Performance (Primedia)
Chicago Magazine
Child & Parent Resources For School Success
Child Care & Early Childhood Education From MCH
Child Care Info Exchange Subscribers & Expires
Child Care Services and Centers (formerly Datagence)
Child Care/Day Care Professionals
Child Development Markets
Childcraft Education Corp.
Children & Education
Choice Magazine Subscribers
Christian Choice Subscribers
Christian Magazine & Newsletter Subscribers
Christopher Gordon Publishers Book Buyers
Cincinnati Magazine
Circle Track Magazine (Primedia)
Circulation Management
Civil War Historian Subscribers
Civil War Times Illustrated (Primedia)
Classic Trains Magazine
Classic Trucks (Primedia)
Cleveland Magazine Active Subscribers
Climbing Magazine (Primedia)
CMP Storage Database Opt-In E-Mail
Coaches By Name ERA
Coaches File From PCS
Coaches High School and College
Coaches High School and Other Directors
Coastal Living
Coastal Living Enhanced
College & High School Coaches
College & University Administrators
College & University Bookstores
College and University Department Chairperson ERA
College Athletic Trainers
College Bound High School Students
College Bound High School Students
College Career Counselors ERA
College Deans and Administrators - Education
College Education Index From PCS Masterfile
College Faculty By Name
College Graduates Faculty
College InformationTechnology Personnel
College Officials & Deans
College Professors At Home Address ERA
College Professors Of Agriculture
College Professors Of Architecture
College Professors Of Business
College Professors Of Communications
College Professors Of Computer Science
College Professors Of Education
College Professors Of Engineering
College Professors Of Fine Arts
College Professors Of Health
College Professors Of Humanities
College Professors Of Inter-Disciplinary Studies
College Professors Of Languages & Literature
College Professors Of Law
College Professors Of Medicine
College Professors Of Nursing
College Professors Of Physical Education
College Professors Of Professional Studies
College Professors Of Science & Math
College Professors Of Social Sciences
College Professors Of Vocational - Technical Studies
College Professors Who Buy
College Savings Plan Informed Investors From Empirics
College Sports Fans
College Student Database
College Students
College Students - MDA
College University Professors
College, School (K-12) & Public Libraries
College-Bound Direct Mail Buyers
College/University Teachers & Professors From QED (Quality Education Data) Educator Email Masterfile
Colleges and Universities
Colleges, Universities and Higher Education Institutions
Columbia Journalism Review
Command Magazine
Committed Jewish Educators
Common Knowledge
Comparative Studies Of South Asia, Africa and The Middle East
Complete Medical's Certified Nursing Aides
Computer Science Teachers From QED (Quality Education Data) Educator Email Masterfile
Computer Shopper Magazine - Consumer Subscribers
Computers In Libraries
Connecticut Magazine
Consortium For School Networking
Consumer Magazine Subscribers Email List From Quality Selects
Consumer Magazine Subscribers From Cascade Subscription Services
Consumer Magazine Subscribers Postal List From Quality Selects
ConsumerBase Magazine Reader File
Consumers By School District
Consumers Digest & Your Money Magazine Former Subscribers
Contemporary Drama Schools
Continuing Education Programs & Participants
Cook's Illustrated
Copycat Magazine Active Subscribers
Cornell University Press Book Buyers
Corvette Fever Magazine (Primedia)
Cottage Living
Cottage Living Enhanced
Country Discoveries Reiman Publications
Country Home
Country Lifestyle Enthusiasts
Country Reiman Publications
Country Weekly
Countryside Magazine
Cowboys and Indians
Crate and Barrel
Creative Classroom
Creative Home Arts Club
Credit Card Clearinghouse/Education Hotline
Credit Worthy Consumers
Cruise Travelers
Crystal Springs Books - Teacher Book Buyers
Culinary Magazine Subscribers
Custom Classic Trucks (Primedia)
Custom Rodder Magazine (Primedia)
D Magazine
Daily New Businesses
Daily New Movers
Dance Teacher
Dance, Theatre, & Performing Arts Afficionados
Datran Direct Education Interest Respondents
Day Care & Nursery Centers
Day Care Center Directors ERA
Day Care Center, Pre - K & Kindergarten Teachers By Name
Day Care Centers
Day Care Centers - Education
Day Care Centers Direct Mail & E-Mail List
Day Care Professionals By UCG
Dean & DeLuca
Delaware Today
Dell Magazines Mystery Collection
Dell Magazines Science Fiction Collection
Dell Magazines/Penny Press Lifestyle Collection
Delta Education Mail order Buyers
Dennis Publishing - The Week Magazine
Diablo Magazine
Direct To publisher Subscribers From Veranda Magazine
DirectChoice - Catholic Generous Donors by Age
DirectChoice - Catholic Health Donors by Age
DirectChoice - Catholic Political Donors by Age
DirectChoice - Catholic Religious Donors by Age
DirectChoice - Charitable Small Business Owners
DirectChoice - Donors to Diabetes Related Causes
DirectChoice - Donors Who Served
DirectChoice - Generous Humanitarian Donors
DirectChoice - Health Donors by Age
DirectChoice - Pets
DirectChoice - Political Donors by Age
DirectChoice - Religious Contributors Who Own a Small Business
DirectChoice - Religious Donors by Age
DirectChoice - Self Sufficient Donors
DirectChoice Business
DirectSelect Magazine Subscribers
Dirt Rider Magazine (Primedia)
Discover Magazine Consumer Source Masterfile
Disney Magazine Consumer Source Masterfile
Disney Publishing Consumer Source Masterfile
Distance Learning Professors
District Administration
District Administrators
Diverse Issues In Higher Education
DNA Publications Masterfile
Dog Fancy
Donors Concerned About Dementia and Related Disorders
Doubleday Entertainment Professional - Library Of Speech/Language Pathology
Doubleday Entertainment Professional - Teacher/Education Masterfile
Down East Magazine
Dramatics Magazine
Dramatics Publication
DRG Change of Address
DRG Internet Subscribers and Buyers
DRG Lifephases
DRG Masterfile
DRG Nostalgia Subscribers
Duke Mathematical Journal
Dungeons & Dragons
Dupont Registry Subscribers
DWA High School Email & Postal
Eagle Equipment Mail Order Catalog Of Automotive Service Equipment
Early Childhood
Early Childhood Centers - Education
Early Childhood Institutions
Early Childhood Today Magazine From Scholastic
Earth Day Participating Teachers
Eating Well
Edmund Industrial Optics Educational
EdTA Thespian Members/Troupes
Education & School Health Database
Education & Training Solutions Database
Education Administrators Network
Education Course Buyers/Inquirers From Professional Career Development Institute
Education Index
Education Industry @ An E-Mail Address
Education Managers From KnowWho
Education Market Database
Education Professionals
Education Professionals Email
Education Professionals From CareerTrack Email Database
Education Professionals From Fred Pryor Email Database
Education Professionals From Email List
Education Professionals Masterfile
Education Society Member List From IEEE
Education Technology Market - I&TM
Education Week Active Paid Subs
Education World Administrator's E - Newsletter
Education World Early Childhood E - Newsletter
Education, Schools and Student Health Programs
Educational Buyers From Techni - Tool
Educational Database
Educational Lists
Educational Mail Order Buyers - National Audio Visual Supply
Educational Marketplace
Educational Professionals At Home By Interest
Educational Resources
Educational Services
Educational Services - American Executives Database
Educational Services Email From Primedia Business
Educational Services Execs From Thomas Publishing
Educational Services From Primedia Business
Educational Software Buyers - Infobuyers
Educators /Teachers At Home
Educators At Home Address
Educators At Home Address With Demographic Overlays
Educators At Home Consumer File
Educators By StatSolutions
Educators Computer File
Educators Continual Education Program
Educators Database
Educators Direct Masterfile From VentureDirect Worldwide
Educators From Marquis Who's Who
Educators From Marquis Who's Who Email
Educators Progress Service Mail Order Buyers
Educators Publishing Service
Educators, From Cross-Match
Educators: Teachers, Principals and Administrators
Eighteenth - Century Life
Elementary and Secondary Education From PCS
Elementary Schools
Elementary Schools From MCH
ELH: English Literary History
Elite Educators Mail Order Buyers The Center For Innovation In Education
Email Addresses For Home - Schooling Families
English/Reading Teachers From QED (Quality Education Data) Educator Email Masterfile
Entertainment Design
Entertainment Design E-mail List
Entrepreneurs From Email List
Environmentalists In Education
Ethnic Products
Ethnicity and Nationality
Evan-Moor Teacher Catalog
Expecting Baby
Faculty Bookbuyers
Faculty Teaching Teachers
Failing Schools From MCH
Families With Home Schooling Interest
Family & Consumer Science List Service (Home Economics Teacher Service)
Family Circle Magazine
Family Daycare Residences
Family, Career and Community Leaders Of America
FastWeb Permission E-Mail
Federal Student Aid Schools - MDA
Fine & Applied Arts - InfoBuyers
Fine Arts/Music Teachers From QED (Quality Education Data) Educator Email Masterfile
Fine Cooking Magazine
First Teacher Subscribers
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Education
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Engineering
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Fine & Applied Art
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Area & International Studies
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Business
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Communications
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Computer Science
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Health, Medicine & Nursing
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Humanities
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Language and LIterature
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Professional & Vocational Studies
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Science & Mathematics
Firstmark College & University Faculty: Social Science
Firstmark Early Childhood Ed/Child Care
Firstmark K-12 Art & Fine Arts Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Business Education Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Computer Science Teachers
Firstmark K-12 English/Language Arts Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Foreign Language Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Guidance
Firstmark K-12 Home Economics Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Industrial Arts Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Mathematics Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Music Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Physical, Education, Health & Coaching
Firstmark K-12 Science Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Social Studies Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Special Needs/Gifted Teachers
Firstmark K-12 Teachers & Administrators
Firstmark K-12 Vocational Education Teachers
Firstmark Libraries
Firstmark School Districts
Firstmark Schools
Firstmark Site - Based Schools
Firstmark Technology-Savvy Schools
Flaghouse Buyers Masterfile
Flaghouse Physical Education & Recreation
Florida Travel & Life
Food and Wine Connoisseurs
Food and Wine Magazine
Forbes Active Subscribers
Fortune Magazine
Fraternities and Sororities Business
Fred Pryor Educational Professional Education Email List
French Historical Studies
Gambling / Games / Sweepstakes
Gevalia Catalog Buyers
Gifted Child Today
Global and U.S. Diversity Buyers
God's World News Professional Subscribers
Golf Digest Z24 Catalog & Circbase Enhancements
Golf Illustrated Magazine
Gourmet (Conde Nast)
Gourmet Food & Wine
Government Professionals - Council On Education In Management
Grade School Teachers From QED (Quality Education Data) Educator Email Masterfile
Graduate Faculty
Grandparents in the Home Students
Harper's Magazine - Enhanced Subscribers
Hawkhill Science Educational Mail Order Buyers
Hayes School Publishing Catalog Buyers
Head Start Programs ERA
Head Start Programs From MCH
Health & Fitness Conscious
Health & Nurse Services At School Districts From MCH
Hearst Town & Country Magazine
Hearst Good Housekeeping Magazine
Hearst Redbook Magazine
Heldref Publications Arts and Humanities
Heldref Publications Education
Heldref Publications History and Political Science
Heldref Publications History and Political Science
Heldref Publications Masterfile
Hickory Farms Masterfile
High School Principals
High/Scope Foundation Buyers
High/Sr High Schools From MCH
Higher Education Faculty - College Educators
Highlights For Children Teachers/Educators Masterfile
Highlights For Children USA Teacher FIle
Hispanic American Historical Review
History Of Political Economy
Home School Support Groups & Organizations
Home School Survey Responders
Homeowner Associations CB
Homes With Children
HomeSchooling Parents Masterfile
Human Relations Media School Product Mail Order Customers
Hunting, Fishing and Loving Everyday
In-A-Flash Program Buyers
Inc. Magazine Consumer Masterfile
Infant/Toddler Programs
Insect Lore Child Care Centers & School Buyers
Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine From IEEE
International Reading Association
International Reading Association '05 Convention Pre-Registrants
International Society For Technology In Education (ISTE) Members
Islamic College Graduates
IT In Education Email File - WServerNews
Jewish College Graduates
Journal Of Asian American Studies
K - 12 Educational Technology Buyers - Infobuyers
K-12 Classroom Product Buyers Megafile
K-12 Classroom Product Multi-Buyers
K-12 Edubuyers Megafile
K-12 Educators
K-12 Hidden Buyers Megafile
K-12 Professional Development Material Buyers
K-12 Special Education Personnel & Buyers Megafile
K-12 Teachers Universe
Kids' Stuff Educational Mail Order Buyers
Kindergarten Key Contacts
Kindergarten Teachers From QED (Quality Education Data) Educator Email Masterfile
Labor: Studies In Working - Class History Of The Americans
Ladies' Home Journal
Law and Order Subscriber List
Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Executives From Prism Business Media
Law Enforcement Product News
Law Enforcement Technology
Learning Resources
Learning Resources For Successful Teaching
Learning Technology Institute/Society For Applied Learning Technology
Liberty Institute
Librarians By Name and Specialty Worldwide From KG Saur
Libraries & Librarians
Libraries & Librarians By Name
Libraries 2
Libraries and Librarians - Education
Libraries From MCH
Libraries From The Professional MegaSource
Libraries In The U.S. From The Gale Group
Libraries Masterfile - ALC
Libraries Masterfile ERA
Libraries Totalbase
Libraries, Special Libraries, and Librarians
Library Index From PCS
Library Journal
LSC Nurses By Specialty
Macular Degeneration Assn - Wiland Modeled Donors
Macular Degeneration Association
Made in America Buyers
Magna Publications, Inc.
Mail Response Teachers
Martha Stewart Living Cooking Enhanced
Math Teachers From QED (Quality Education Data) Educator Email Masterfile
Mathematical Association Of America
Mature Consumers
McGraw-Hill Business Leaders Educational Services Database
McGraw-Hill Educational Services Email Database
Media & Entertainment Industry Executives From American National/Media Group
Media & Methods Magazine
Medical Professionals
Medical, Nursing, Dental Schools From MCH
Mediterranean Quarterly
MENC The National Association For Music Education
MeritDirect Educators Masterfile
Middle/Jr High Schools From MCH
Military At Home
Milliken Publishing
MIT University Press Book Buyers
Modern Language Quarterly
Mortgage Information
Motor Trend Classic Magazine
Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts
Multimedia & Internet At Schools
Music Concerts & Live Theater
Music Educators From The LMI and Giardinelli Catalogs
Music Teachers National Association
Music/Drama Teachers - Elementary, Junior and Senior High
National Association Of Secondary School Principals
National Art Education Association
National Art Education Association
National Association For Gifted Children
National Association For The Education Of Young Children
National Association Of Biology Teachers
National Association Of Elementary School Princpals
National Association Of School Psychologists (NASP)
National Association Of Teachers Of Special Education Database
National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA)
National Business Education Association
National Center For Continuing Education Attendees & Inquiries
National Council For The Social Studies
National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics
National Dance Association
National Geographic Society Members/Subscribers
National Head Start Association
National Middle School Association
National Staff Development Council Members
National Vocational-Technical Honor Society
NationsBest Recent College Grads
Native American Education From MCH
NEA Members E - Newsletters
Neuro - Oncology
New Literary History
New York University Press
Next Day Pets - Puppy Match Enhanced
NSTA Active Buyers
NSTA Membership List
Nursery Schools and Child Day Care Centers BOALC
Official U.S. Registry Of Teachers
Omaha Steaks Buyers
Online Activities
Oriental Trading Company, Inc. Schools and Religious Organizations
Outdoor Recreation Sponsored E - Mail Program
Oxford University Press
Parent Teacher Associations/Organizations From MCH
Parkinson Research Foundation
Parkinson Research Foundation - Wiland Modeled Donors
Penn State University Press
Performing Arts Aficionados
Physical Therapists
Physician Assistants Database
Playboy Preferred Magazine Subscriptions
Poetics Today
Police - The Law Enforcement Magazine
Politically Conservative
Politically Liberal
Potato Hill Poetry
Powerboat Magazine
Pre-Kindergarten Key Contacts
Prentice Hall Direct - Special Education Book Buyers
Prevention Magazine (Rodale)
Princeton University Press
Principals and School Administrators From QED (Quality Education Data) Educator Email Masterfile
Principles Of Education
Private School Business
Private Schools
Private Schools
Professional Sports Fans
Professors/Instructors/Educators Email From Primedia Business
Professors/Instructors/Educators Email From StatSolutions
Professors/Instructors/Educators From Primedia Business
Professors/Instructors/Educators From StatSolutions2
Proven Donors to a Catholic Cause
Prufrock Press Book Buyers
Public and Private School Teachers (K-12) Postal and Email File From PCS
Public LIbraries and Personnel
Public Libraries From MCH
Public Schools
Public Schools Masterfile
Purchasing Administrators and Faculty At Colleges ERA
Purchasing Administrators At School Address ERA
Quilting Interest
Readers Digest - Online Survey Respondents
School Districts
Self-Help and Personal Finance
Sewing Interest
Sports Cards & Sports Collectibles
Stamp & Coin Collectors
Student Loans
Target-Pro! Licensed Teachers @ Home Address
Teacher Database
Teachers & Educators
Teachers & Educators At Home Address - American Index
Teachers - At Home Address
Teachers - At School Address
Teachers @ E-Mail Address - LSDI
Teachers At Home Address
Teachers At Home Address By Interest
Teachers At Home Address ERA
Teachers At Home Address In The USA
Teachers At Home Source
Teachers At Home Who Love Direct Mail
Teachers At School Address
Teachers At School Address - MDA
Teachers At Their Home Address & At Their School Address
Teachers By Name
Teachers By Name - Education
Teachers From MCH
Teachers Homelink
Teachers Magazine
Teachers' School Supply
Teachers, Educators and Administrators At School Address
Teaching Business Education Newsletter Subscribers
Teaching Professionals At Home
The Advocate
The Education Center Masterfile
The Grey House Performing Arts Directory
The New Yorker Enhanced
The Official Museum Directory
Theatre Journal
Theatrical Industry Executives Masterfile
Tobacco Users
Traveling Americans
TV Guide
U.S. Deputy Sheriff's Association Premium Donors
Wealth and Finance
Year-Round Schools
Youth Today Subscribers